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A 22 day challenge to discover connection, presence and joy in motherhood 
During this challenge you will...
  • Connect with all the joyful moments already present in your life and start living and choosing the moments you desire rather than reacting.

  • Build more thoughtful connections with your child(ren) and grow your presence muscle

  • Have a safe space and the accountability to form a beautiful practice for increased joy with other mamas 

  • Tap back into your joy with a quick, doable exercise that you can fit in at any point in the day!

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to start seeing and experiencing all the joyful moments through a specially created hypnosis to help you tap into that beautiful feeling of joy

About yourHost: 

Maria is an Empowerment Coach specializing in Hypnotherapy and NLP who is dedicated to helping mamas reclaim their joy and fall back in love with themselves and their lives. 

She has a Masters of Science in Education and uses her background of over 15 years in Education, as well as her own experience as mother of 2 girls, aged 7 and 4, to support mamas in building the fulfilling life they desire with themselves and their children. 

Maria believes that parents are at the forefront of the relationship with their children and has matched this with her love of the subconscious mind to allow mothers to take their power back. Understanding how the brain sorts through information and how a simple reframe and subconscious reprogramming through Hypnosis and NLP can change the game for how mothers show up and connect with their children has been a truly remarkable experience. 

She has supported many parents and children along the way in the Education sector and has loved bringing her love for children and her empathetic nature to the coaching industry where she is able to continue supporting children at the source, their home life and parent connections. We've know that when mama is supported and connected to herself, everyone around her benefits ten-fold! 

With the addition of a specific NLP technique and Hypnosis we will rewire your brain and your body to connect back to recognizing the moments of joy and teaching your brain to search for the joy by default.

As busy moms, Maria loves offering practices that are simple and effective, so her clients feel their best. 

I am so excited to connect with you during your Choosing Joy, 22 day challenge.


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