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Faded Shapes
For the mother who is ready to be seen, heard and understood to grow herself and her relationships

This program was designed for the mother who: 

  • craves flexibility and wants on the go support in pockets of time

  • is ready to expand to her next level with high access support

  • wants to access conversational coaching and the amazing benefits of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • is ready to see her life with more gratitude and live a life full of ease

  • wants to be seen, heard and understood while also striving for continued growth

What is included in this package: 

  • 4 weeks of Telegram* support M-F

  • High access support with Maria as your mentor

*Telegram is a walkie-talkie app that allows for voice notes, text, video and images to be shared 

Sign up for 1 payment of $397


**your Telegram chat can begin anytime within the next month. The 4 weeks begins the day the chat is started.  

About Your Mentor:

Maria Harrison has a MSc. in Education and is a certified Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. She is a teacher with 15+ years experience, is a mother of 2 young girls and loves to talk! 

She has always had a deep love for the self-development world which only grew after having children and experiencing anxiety and loss of self and joy in her life. She uses her education and her own life experiences to provide a safe space to be seen and heard, while also offering motivation, practical tools and her own examples to support mothers on their own journey. 

Maria understands the demands of motherhood and knows her clients need something that works and fits into their full lives. 

The work she does will allow you to be able to fall more and more in love with your current reality while also striving for the things you desire. You will begin to notice small shifts in your life that continue to expand time and time again.  

Maria is kind, compassionate and ready to support you on the next part of your journey to a fulfilled and joyful life. 


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