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In this bundle you will receive 5 hypnosis tracks

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Press Play below for an open conversation about how Hypnosis has helped this mama


Maria Harrison is a Certified Hypnotherapist through the American Board of Hypnotherapy and a Certified NLP Practitioner through the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


Maria is a mother of 2 amazing girls and knows many of the feelings that can be associated with being a mom. Motherhood can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and drained. As though you are drowning in the never ending to-do list and the array of emotions, while barely getting any time for yourself. However, the key to anything is the thoughts, feelings and actions that are occurring. Through modalities, like NLP and Hypnotherapy, that work with the subconscious mind you can reframe the thoughts and feelings you have towards something which changes the results you encounter. 

Maria began her own personal experience with Hypnotherapy and NLP years ago and was hooked. It felt so liberating to find a modality that helped create quick, positive results!

Hypnotherapy and NLP allowed her to relax and release the mental chatter, which left her feeling lighter and more empowered. She saw the power of her mind. 

Now she helps others see the power of their own minds. That what they desire is within them and with a little bit of love and listening they can live their life to their fullest. 

You can connect with Maria on Instagram @infinitelyyoucoaching for tips, tools and empowerment. 

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