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The Empowered Teacher

Dedicated to all the teachers out there making a beautiful impact.

When you feel better, you show up differently. 

When you connect back to your power
Connect back to what truly matters
You leave the other stuff behind and can focus on the impact you're having.

This track is designed to offer you relaxation and allow you to connect back to the teacher you are at your core. 

This short track will help you rewire your subconscious brain for relaxation and cultivate a strong mindset for a successful year ahead.

Back-to-School Hypnosis

This special hypnosis track is your companion if any of the following deeply resonates with you:

  • You desire deep relaxation in a job that requires a lot of you and your energy

  • You're ready to feel the excitement as you approach the upcoming school year, brimming with confidence and a genuine enthusiasm that comes from within.

  • You're motivated to empower yourself with a positive mindset that will illuminate your path through the challenges and triumphs of the school year ahead.

  • You want to connect with the profound impact you make on your students and their families, and let that connection fuel your focus.

  • You're committed to fully embodying the teacher you've always known yourself to be, eager to make a difference in the lives you touch.


Maria Harrison is a Certified Hypnotherapist through the American Board of Hypnotherapy and a Certified NLP Practioner through the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


Maria has a Masters of Science in Education and is a teacher of 15+ years who understands both the love of teaching and the commitment of being a teacher. She loves working with children and became a teacher to support children on their educational journeys. 

Maria began her own personal experience with Hypnotherapy and NLP years ago and was hooked. It felt so liberating to find a modality that helped create quick, positive results!

Hypnotherapy and NLP allowed her to relax and release the mental chatter which left her feeling lighter and more empowered. She saw the power of her mind. 

Now she helps others see the power of their own minds. That what they desire is within them and with a little bit of love and listening they can live their life to their fullest. 

You can connect with Maria on Instagram @infinitelyyoucoaching for tips, tools and empowerment. 

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