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The Confident Mother 

Unlock your calm and tap into your inner goddess!

I see you beautiful mama!
Just take a long, slow, deep breath.
I see you; I know things can sometimes be overwhelming; I know it can be hard to show up the way you desire while feeling calm and confident in yourself; I know you desire guilt free time to spend investing in yourself.

This short track will help you rewire your subconscious brain for patience and clarity.


  • You're ready for some deep relaxation in a world that often feels overwhelming

  • You desire more presence in your time and relationship with your family and self

  • You want to reclaim the power of calm and confidence at a subconscious and effortless level

  • While there are so many things to be grateful for, you often feel unsure of yourself or if you're doing enough as a mama

  • You're interested in the power of hypnosis to feel more patience, calmness and clarity around who you are

  • You are ready to trade in the overwhelm for empowerment

This free hypnosis track is for you if you resonate with one or more the following: 


Maria Harrison is a Certified Hypnotherapist through the American Board of Hypnotherapy.


The moment she experienced hypnosis she was hooked. It felt so liberating to find a modality that helped create quick, positive results!

Maria is a mother of 2 young girls and after having her oldest daughter she began experiencing a host of anxiety which little by little caused her to feel a void within herself that she couldn't quite describe. She had a wonderful family and a strong support system, both of which she had immense gratitude for.  She just couldn't figure out "what was wrong with her". 

Maria spent the last several years on a journey back to herself. Her motivation was lacking in the beginning, it all felt like so much, she wanted a quick fix. It felt like the list of things she needed to do was getting longer and longer, so her consistency wavered...until she found a NLP coach and hypnotherapist. It felt lighter, it allowed her to just relax and release the mental chatter leaving her feeling lighter and then more empowered. She saw the power of her mind. 

Now she helps others see the power of their own minds. That what they desire is within them and with a little bit of love and listening they can live their life to their fullest. 

You can connect with Maria on Instagram @infinitelyyoucoaching for tips, tools and empowerment. 

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