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And How it Relates to Motherhood
Maria Harrison



In this masterclass we will discuss: 


  • The difference between the conscious and subconscious mind and why you want to be accessing your subconscious mind for long lasting change 


  • What is happening during hypnosis and how all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis

  • The steps that you will be guided through during an impactful and positive hypnosis session

  • How your subconscious mind is already running the show, so how to make it work FOR you


  • How hypnosis can support you and why you should include it in your journey through motherhood 


About Maria 

Maria Harrison is an Empowerment Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practioner who desires to support women and mother's in living a life filled with love, joy and freedom, whatever that looks like for them! 

Maria is a certified teacher of 15 years, a mother to 2 beautiful daughters and a wife to her loving and supportive husband (who probably wants her to stop asking so many questions ;)). 

She has always been curious and has been asking "why?" since she could talk and is a life longer learner.  

After having her first daughter she began to experience a lot of anxiety and slowly and unknowingly began to detach from who she was. She spent a great deal of time feeling lonely and empty, without an understanding of why. She knew the life she had was beautiful and often felt scared when she dove into gratitude for what she had.  How could she feel so lost inside when she was surrounded by so much beauty? Was she deserving of what she had or would it be taken away? She longed to be more present, to stop overanalyzing and to just enjoy life and truly feel the joy that surrounded her. 

Maria, who always loved self-development, began to dive in to healing herself from within. It was not a linear journey, but one that had many ups and downs and often stopped and started when busy life "got in the way". It wasn't until the voice got so loud, she decided enough was enough, that things needed to change, she knew she was meant for more than just living inside her head worrying. 

Hypnotherapy and NLP were by far the greatest tools that allowed her to finally see results and feel a new sense of freedom fairly quickly.  Hypnosis allowed her to relax and have time away from her overthinking mind, while also suggesting uplifting ideas that would serve her. It was a gift she would never forget and one she would later see as a path she too was meant to take. 

Maria now uses Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques in her coaching to help women and mothers to feel empowered, find the clarity they are looking for and ultimately travel the road to rediscovering themselves and loving themselves like they never have before.  

As mothers we have a beautiful opportunity to lead our children and model strength (which includes vulnerability) and when we truly learn who we are and how to hold space for ourselves we end up giving our children the greatest gift of all, the permission for them to follow suit in loving themselves fully as well. 

You can connect with Maria on Instagram @infinitelyyoucoaching or on

Facebook at Infinitely You Coaching- Maria Harrison for tips on motherhood, self-love, and hypnosis. 

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